Melag MELAfol See-through sterilization packages Mod. 1002, 100mm x 200m, steam only


Melag MELAfol See-through sterilization packages Mod. 1002, steam only, 100mm x 200m

For long-term contamination-protected storage of sterilized materials, it is necessary to sterilize them in packagings compliant with standards in the autoclave in such a way that the sterilization packages can be removed sterile and dry after the end of the program. Only this way sterilized materials can be stored in protected and dry storage (e.g. cabinet, drawer) for a longer period.

MELAfol is a combination paper-film package and has the advantage that the wrapped goods can be seen through the foil. The package is opened by pulling apart the 10-mm-wide seal in the direction of the arrow and can be done in the presence of the patient to show the taking of sterile instruments. So can be demonstrated that the practice takes great pain for hygienic.

MELAfol is microbe-proof, resistant to tearing, highly transparent, capable of heat-sealing, wrinkleresistant, and easy to open (with peelable sealing seams). The MELAfol has a treatment indicator that turns from blue to brown during steam sterilization. Additional attachment of indicator strips is not necessary.


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