Anatomic Doctor´s work chair, dark blue with foot support, made in Germany by Greiner, NEW!


Anatomic Doctor´s work chair, dark blue with foot support, made in Germany by Greiner, NEW!

For use at work, for operations and in the office.
Almost unlimited combinations of high-quality components ensure that each user gets a chair or stool that optimally suits his or her personal requirements.
Highest quality standards guarantee reliable operation for many years.

Various areas of the seat height alteration enable the user to make adjustments according to his own specific requirements. Due to the high lustre polished shaft with
its 5 pronged aluminium foot, excellent stability is ensured. Here is a selection of our small 5 pronged foot with or without foot support ring as well as the large foot cross with or without central locking. Safety rollers of 50 mm diameter and double running surfaces are the basis for a smooth change of position of the work chair.

In combination with an upholstered back rest you can
obtain a functional work chair with a round sitting cushion of 40 cm in diameter and thickness of 7,5 cm.
The back rest of this chair can be adjusted both in incline as well as in height. It can also be turned by 180 degrees and then used as an arm rest.
All sitting heights can be adjusted by means of a safety
gas spring and a large lever to heights from 42 to 54 cm, 46 to 58 cm or 54 to 73 cm.

A further relief in the thigh region of the consultant is
offered not only with upholstered sitting edges, but also
the anatomically form cushion of 40 cm in diameter and
7,5 cm in thickness.

All our models have a polished shaft which ends in a five pronged foot which has been fitted with
safety rollers. These models can be delivered with or without a foot support ring.

Greiner-Art.-No.: 4185105

Please find further technical detail concerning this model at the PDF, belonging to this offer.


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