OCULUS Easyloupe Titanium 2,5x, 400mm, NEW


OCULUS Easyloupe 2,5x, 400mm, NEW

2.5x Magnification, working distance 400 mm, large working field diameter of 80 mm

Frame temples with spring hinges available in two different lengths (95 mm and 105 mm)
Please send the lenght of your choice with your order.

The approved, design-award winning magnifying Loupe from OCULUS for professional and free time use.
Magnifying Glasses – Tool and Helper for Work and Play
Whether you are a dentist, goldsmith, watchmaker, philatelist or modeler:
The OCULUS Easyloupe is your tool and helper for precise viewing of even the smallest of details.
Easy, individual adjustment of the pupil distance (50 - 75 mm)
Flexible ear pieces for a more comfortable and secure fit.

Perfect Look – Precise Viewing Down to the Last Detail
The OCULUS Easyloupe is a visual aid of a high optical level.
Extremely high depth of field
Exact image and absolute edge clarity
Fixed convergence angle for optimal near-distance vision
Coating that ensures high light transmission and reduces reflections to a minimum
Featherweight, only 53 g, makes fatigue-free working and reading over extended periods of time possible

The Easyloupe comes complete with an attractive hard case to protect your OCULUS Easyloupe and a Microfiber cloth for gentle and effective cleaning.


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