SMT single use Retina 180° contact lens, set with 10 pcs.


SMT single use 180° Retina contact lens
Set with 10 lenses, sterile, single packed

SMT-013 Retina 180 Lens
Sensor Medical’s single use Retina 180 Lens offers an exceptional wide-angle view up to the ora serrata. It has an indirect image magnification of 0.8x and provides a high definition, broad  field view of the fundus. The lens is used to treat diabetic eye disease,
particularly pan-retinal photocoagulation and age-related macular degeneration with a laser spot magnification of 1.25x.
Clean, dust and scratch-free optics every time.
Using revolutionary manufacturing technology, single-use lenses from Sensor Medical offer improved imaging for all of your diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Just imagine: No dust, no scratches, no fingerprints. No optical component failures. No chance of disease transmission between patients. With single-use lenses from Sensor Medical, you can provide your patients excellent care in the most convenient and cost-effective way — making single use lenses from Sensor Medical your one and only choice.

All lenses (except 4 Mirror Gonioscope) have a custom anti-reflection coating and can be used with the appropriate therapeutic lasers.


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