SMT single use Fundus contact lens, set with 10 pcs.


SMT single use Fundus contact lens
Set with 10 lenses, sterile, single packed

Sensor Medical’s single use Fundus Lens is designed to provide a central 0.93x magni ed view that allows observation of the macula and optic nerve head area. The laser spot magni cation is 1.08x. Clean, dust and scratch-free optics every time.

Using revolutionary manufacturing technology, single-use lenses from Sensor Medical offer improved imaging for all of your diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Just imagine: No dust, no scratches, no fingerprints. No optical component failures. No chance of disease transmission between patients. With single-use lenses from Sensor Medical, you can provide your patients excellent care in the most convenient and cost-effective way — making single use lenses from Sensor Medical your one and only choice.

All lenses (except 4 Mirror Gonioscope) have a custom anti-re ection coating and can be used with the appropriate therapeutic lasers.


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