alpha+ Illuminated Loupe, alpha+ Dermatoscope, mini 2000 Dermatoscope 2,5 V


XHL Xenon Halogen Replacement bulb 2,5 Volt for Heine mini-c Hand-held clip lamp

Heine-No. X-002.88.099
Each HEINE bulb is specifically designed as an integral part of the HEINE instrument it powers, based upon the following parameters:

* Colour Temperature
Based on advanced HEINE XHL® Xenon Halogen Technology, each bulb is designed to provide the ideal colour temperature for the diagnosis the instrument is intended for. This ensures a proper balance between illumination brightness and true tissue colour for the most accurate diagnosis.
* Bulb Life
HEINE bulbs last up to 50% longer, providing long life, optimum performance and cost-effectiveness.


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