Heine iC3 Funduscope, set for iPhone 7, C-152.40.303, NEW


Heine iC3 Funduscope, set for iPhone 7, C-152.40.303, NEW

iC2 Set/7 for iPhone 7

iC2 with mounting case smartphone iC2/7 for Apple iPhone 7, USB cord with E4-USB medical approved plug-in power supply and case

Simple, mobile fundus photography with high resolution imaging.

The new HEINE iC2 Funduscope is a portable instrument for digital fundus imaging in exceptional quality with a visual field of up to 34°. The innovative HEINE LED HQ illumination allows, together with the precision optics, clear-cut and shadow-free images using an Apple iPhone 5 / 5s / 6 / 6s / SE / 7.*

Mobile and light: Low weight of approx. 300 g, can be used charged without a cable – for simply documenting examinations of even bedridden or disabled patients. Comfortable examination position thanks to a longer working distance. iC2 App: Simple mapping of images (left and right side). E-mail function. Storage of additional patient data. Simple operation via Bluetooth: Instrument can be held while focusing and releasing the shutter with one hand – second hand free for stable camera positioning.

Broad field of view
High resolution images
Mobile documentation

Please find further technical detail for this device at the PDF belonging to this offer.


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