Refraction Unit Doms TELECENTRIC "excite-hp" for wheel-chair patients , NEW!


Refraction Unit Doms TELECENTRIC "excite-hp" for wheel-chair patients, NEW!

OMS TELECENTRIC „hp“ DOMS TELECENTRIC excitte "hp" is a spezial make, equipped with all advantages of the well-known unit DOMS TELECENTRIC, type "hp" is especially developed for wheel-chair patients.

Two types are available:

Type “chair lift”
Patient chair "hp" is moved by a chair lift behind the unit. In its place the patient with the wheel chair may be moved

Type „chair shifting“
Patient chair „hp“ moveable, incl. sideways orientated smooth running plastic castors, a floor guide track enabled to move by hand the patient chair sideways

The height for the telescope instrument table may be adjusted by electric motor and the phoropter bracket makes an easy adjustment of the diagnostic devices possible for the patient sitting in the wheel-chair. The desk top moves also up and down synchronously

professional sliding table unit – Multifunctional diagnosis centre
store-programmed control electronic, ingenious user conception

# Professional 2-instruments telescope sliding table („Schneeberger principle) with extremely smooth running and user friendly linear motion guides manual or electric movement
# Electromagnetic locking device, smoothly engages into table positions (hydraulic shock absorbers)
# Power supply for table instrument (6 V or 12V) with switch automatics (according to the position of the table)
# Encoder to dim optional the illumination of the instrument and the fixation lamp (ot the table instruments – low voltage)
# Intelligent store-programmed control electronic/PLC
# Control panel, „aluminum optics“ (24 keys illuminated)
# Safety contact edge to switch off the patient chair
# Pull-out drawer for trial glasses in front of the patient
# Phoropter bracket, smooth running manual or electric movement
# Physiological tilting device
# adjustable LED-spot light, (reading lamp) or halogen work place lamp
# automatic switch storage für hand-held instruments (original chargers also installable)
# automatic switch bracket, for indirect spectacle, type foerster or binocular head opthalmoscope
# Wheel or stationary container
# Desk plate in standard sizes or customized
# Housing plastic coated in classic standard RAL 9006 white aluminum or RAL 9010 pure white
# Great selection of colors according to standard RAL color chart or real wood veneer (e.g. Multiplex "beech")
# Patient chair (upholstery) - high quality, elastic vinyl leather in attractive colors (durable, suited for desinfection solution)
# All commercial diagnosis instruments adaptable

Please find further technical detail concerning this model at the PDF, belonging to this offer.


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