Tristel Duo for Ophthalmology, sporicidal disinfectant foam 250ml


Tristel Duo for Ophthalmology, sporicidal disinfectant foam

Recommended by Haag-Streit

Tristel Duo for Ophthalmology is a sporicidal disinfectant in a foam format, effective in only 30 seconds contact time. Using Tristel’s proprietary chlorine dioxide chemistry, it is designed for cleaning and high level disinfection of the semi-critical medical devices that come into contact with the ocular surface during ophthalmology consultations.

Duo for Ophthalmology has been recognised as one of the most effective disinfection methods against hospital acquired infection and it has been recommended by the French Ophthalmology Guidelines which were published on the French Society of ophthalmology website at the beginning of 2011.

Chlorine dioxide in foam format
Sporicidal in 30 seconds
Safe and easy to use
Class IIa Medical Device

Tonometer Prisms
Biometry probes
Pachymetry probes
Metal clamps for scleral buckling

You can find the english user guide here.


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