Test package: 1 x I-DEW Schirmer Tear Test Strips & 1 x I-DEW Fluorescein strips


Test package: 1 x I-DEW Schirmer Tear Test Strips & 1 x I-DEW Fluorescein strips


1 x Schirmer Tear Test Strips I-DEW

100 sterile single strips
High quality made in Europe

Schirmer Tear Test Strips are used for measuring and recording tear volume.

This new diagnostic strip measures the amount of tear production. These strips are individually wrapped and are gauged so they can be easily read. The Schirmer test is based upon mechanical reflex stimulation of the tear production and is actually a test of reflex tear production when performed without anesthesia. Place a dry Schirmer strip over the middle to lateral 1/3 of the lower eyelid. The patient is then instructed to look forward and blink normally. The strip is removed after 5 minutes and amount of wetting is recorded in millimeters.

And 1 x

Fluorescein Sodium Ophthalmic strips U.S.P., 1mg
100 sterile single strips individually wrapped in transparent pouches.
High quality made in Europe
The strips are manufactured to the US FDA cGMP standards and are CE marked as a medical device.

I-DEW FLO strips is a fluorescein ophthalmic strip for evaluating contact lens fittings, corneal and conjuctival problems and applanation tonometry. Used to show defects or abrasions in the corneal epithelium.
Fluorescein Sodium Ophthalmic Strip for Applanation Tonometry and for evaluating contact lens fitting. Each strip is impregnated with 1.0mg of Fluorescein Sodium. -Fully automated production with no Human Touch

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