Volk 3 Mirror ANF+ gonio fundus lens (Goldmann) 18mm V3MIRANF+


Volk 3 Mirror ANF+ Goldmann Gonio Lens

ANF+ (Advanced No Fluid) contact design for methylcellulose free use.

Mirror Angles 60°/ 66 ° / 76°
Image Mag. 1.06x
Laser Spot Mag. .94x
Contact Diameter 15 mm

The 3 Mirror is ideal for anterior chamber as well central and peripheral fundus viewing and treatment. The retinal viewing mirrors are accurately angled to eliminate “gaps” in the visualized fundus. The central portion of the lens also provides direct observation of the central portion of the posterior pole.

The Volk 3 Mirror Lens also features Laser Window, a Laser/AR coated and bonded protective glass cover providing precise laser beam transmission and lasting durability.

Inclusive original Volk case.


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