As Europe´s leading supplier of all pre-owned ophthalmologic devices and equipments we offer to our customers 3 very attractive alternatives for the lucrative utilisation of your "old" devices and facilities.

The third alternative after immediate buying and part exchange is:

Sale in commission


The sale in commission is absolutely free and without any risk for the consignor.

The sale in commission offers you the presentation of your goods in our new and representative showroom at Alexanderstrasse 42 in Stuttgart and additionaly the worldwide 24-hours-online-presentation at

Therefore quick sales are mostly guaranteed!
Commercial base is a simple commission contract with a fixed pay-out amount, agreed by both sides, which offers juridical security.

The fixed commission amount is normally pretty higher than the amount paid by immediate buying and will be cashed by wire transfer or cheque without any deduction immediately after final sales through Schairer Opthal-Technik and at the end of the legal return term.