About us

For over 60 years Schairer Ophthal-Technik is known not only among the German ophthalmologists as a top-competent and top-prize-attractive first-class address for all interests of the whole ophthalmologist's demand.

The headquarter in Alexanderstrasse 51 and 55 was complemented in spring, 2009 with the new-founded Schairer Ophthal technology marketing company mbH with the activity main focus Distribution and on-line trade and our new showroom in Alexanderstrasse 42 in 70182 Stuttgart, Germany.

The Schairer product portfolio and service portfolio:

Used machines and equipment

The unique offer of constantly more than 1000 used ophthalmologic machines and medical practise equipments, which are all offered with guarantee provides for a real European-wide unique selling proposition in the industry.

AND: As Europe´s leading supplier for all pre-owned ophthalmologic machines and equipments we offer to our customers 3 especially attractive possibilities for the lucrative realisation of her old machines and equipment.



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New devices and equipment

Schairer Ophthal-Technik stands also for the perfect trade with brandnew devices, equipments, instruments and ophthalmic consumable articles. ALL brands, ALL models!


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The complete Schairer Ophthal technology range is to be visited in our new showroom at Alexanderstrasse 42 in the heart of Stuttgart middle. Here you can take every item personally in inspection. After date arrangement also in the evening, or on the week-end. And a trip to the beautiful city of Stuttgart is always worthwhile. Not only because of the Schairer-Opthalworld.