Slit lamp Haag-Streit 900BQ,


Slit lamp
Model: 900BQ

Sophisticated microscopy - fascinating versatility

The BQ 900® stands for excellent optics, versatility and ease of use. The standard for those requiring advanced slit lamp microscopy. A modular system, offering digital video and still photography and a wide range of accessories include teaching scopes, inclined eyepieces and, for retinal specialists, the unique stereo variator.

* The versatile slit lamp system
* Stereo variator, best retinal view even through small pupils
* Professional Imaging featuring Imaging Module IM 900
* Ergonomic, wide aperture optics for fatigue free daily use
* Economic, high quality, low maintenance and depreciation

Cross Slide
Like all Haag-Streit slit lamps, the BQ 900® features the unique cross slide mechanism allowing effortless positioning of the slit lamp. With the patented joystick, movements in vertical and horizontal directions are possible.

The well established tungsten (optional halogen) slit illumination paired with precision mechanics and high quality optics establish an excellent slit image of up to 600’000 Lux brightness from 8 mm length and width to a hairline. The possibility to rotate the slit 90° around the optical axis on either side, tilting it up to 20° and decentring it, lets you find the right adjustment for all examination situations.

Please find further technical details in the PDF belonging to this offer.


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